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In today’s dating culture, everyone is looking for the "one". Speed dating, matchmaker services, online dating, blind dating are all promoted by “experts” that claim to be able to guarantee that they can help you find your true love. ​


Yet, more than 50% of all marriages end in divorce. More and more singles are choosing to stay single because they feel “committed relationships” are no longer a viable option. In this technology filled society, where many feel that there is a “new” way to find a potential mate, Let’s Stay Together provides a fresh and realistic approach to “dating in the new millennium.”

Marco Walder draws on his own experiences, as well as shared experiences of others, to motivate you to continue seeking a lifelong partner and for those who are in a relationship to grow and sustain a healthy relationship.

About us

Let’s Stay Together shows how to:

• Define your wants versus your needs

• Evaluate your standards and deal breakers

• Being “In Love” versus “Loving Someone”

If you are single or divorced and ready to be inspired to continue seeking your life long partner, married or in a relationship and would like strategies to enhance your love, Let’s Stay Together is a must read.

"A must read for singles as well as those who are already in a relationship".  Barnes & Nobles Reader

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