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Dr. Marco Walder brings to you a math fun book series that will definitely inspire, help, and motivate students and parents to fall in love with math. The Math Tales of Mathias: Value City the place where numbers have value, combines essential reading and math components to tell a story students and parents will enjoy while learning, enhancing, and growing their math skills.

Dr. Marco Walder has designed a unique series of math fun books for students Grades K through 3 that will close academic gaps, grow academic levels, and ensure a great math foundation is built. The Math Tales of Mathias allows parents and kids to actively participate and learn together as they make their way through Value City. Volume 5 focuses on understanding Skip Counting and the Base-10 System. 


By helping Mathias and Mr. Scribble make it through Value City math will again become fun and a subject students love, enjoy, and grow from for years to come. If you want to take your student to the next level, this Math Fun Book is for you!

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