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We OWN Tutoring and Education Consulting is the academic company which strives to improve student outcomes, increase teacher performance, and foster leadership development.

We focus on improving education for all  by implementing research based strategies and foundational proven skills to create a more prosperous society with equal opportunity. We also specialize in providing empowering professional developments which build stronger education communities. We OWN Tutoring and Education Consulting is committed to improving lifelong learning opportunities and outcomes by collaborating with clients on their top-of-mind issues while always keeping equity at the forefront. 

We serve and strengthen early childhood, primary, and secondary school systems and institutions to elevate instruction, improve learning, and child well-being in order to achieve rapid improvements in learning outcomes and equity.

Specific focus on:


  • K-8 Math Implementation

  • K-8 Math Lesson Internalization & Preparation

  • K-8 Intervention and Acceleration Support

  • K-8 TEKS, Carnegie, & Eureka Math Implementation and Best Practices

  • K-8 Special Populations Support and Development

  • K-8 Tutoring Support

  • K-8 Teacher & Leadership Development

  • Best Practices in Addition: Grades K-2 & 3-5

  • Best Practices in Subtraction: Grades K-2 & 3-5

  • Best Practices in Multiplication: Grades K-2 & 3-5

  • Best Practices in Division: Grades K-2 & 3-5

All trainings are available virtually, on-campus, after school, during the summer and school year. If you are looking for an education consulting company that is high level, affordable, and guarantees results We OWN Tutoring and Education Consulting Services is the company for you.

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"Dr. Walder was great and informative. He brought the curriculum to life." 

- Fort Worth ISD

"You are definitely a game changer in our educational need."

- Chapel Hill Academy

Heartbeat Work

Below are in-class videos of some of the professional development services we offer onsite and virtual to support campuses.

We provide data driven and research based coaching to:

  • Advance New Teachers

  • Support Classroom Management

  • Increase Student Engagement.

We support all educators teachers by: 

  • Upgrading Instructional Practices

  • Modeling High Quality Lessons

We impact classrooms and students by:

  • Creating Academic Systems

  • Allowing all students to own and engage in their learning process.

We educate and train teachers to:

  • Use Fluency activities to address unfinished learning.

  • Scaffold previously learned skills to deepen conceptual understanding.

  • Differentiate Instruction

We model lesson's for teachers to:

  • Display High Quality Lessons

  • Promote a diverse and inclusive learning environment

  • Increase Rigor

  • Engage all students in Tier 1 Instruction during the lesson.

We coach and train teachers:

  • How to Internalize and Lesson Prep

  • Curriculum Implementation

  • Providing Instruction Modeling

  • Observing Lessons

  • Providing real time and post observation feedback.

Increasing Student Engagement

We OWN Tutoring and Education Consulting Services supported Blytheville ISD's High School Math Team Virtually and In-Person. Our focus was improving lesson internalization, creating high quality lesson exemplar's, and increasing student engagement. Below are videos from before and after 3 month's of coaching one day a week. The results were amazing!!..

Client Feedback

Below are a few of the review Dr. Marco Walder has received for his services.

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