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S. Hawkins​
Posted July 26, 2012​​

I just finished reading, LST and it was Awesome!! Chapter 9 was my favorite. I gained a clearer understanding of "Being in Love" vs. "Loving Someone". It was a good book and very informative. Some topics really hit home for me.​

K. Taylor​
Posted July 18, 2012​​

I recently purchased the book, Let's Stay Together, authored by Marco Walder. When I received the book, I immediately began to read it. I finished reading the book the exact same day. It was a page turner. I couldn't put it down. It made me evaluate the relationship I had with my mate. I could relate to everything Marco mentioned in his book. My favorite chapters in the book are chapters three (Three Things a Woman Want) and four (Three Things a Man Want). This book gives you tasks to do after each chapter to enhance your relationship with your mate. In my opinion, I think the book, Let's Stay Together is better than Steve Harvey's book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. Marco Walder should make a movie. I would truly support it. This guy is a great writer. I recommend LST to anyone who is having difficulties in their relationship. It is excellent literature. JUST READ IT....IT'S A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK MARCO WALDER.​

T. Broadnax​
Posted July 11, 2012​​

I finished reading it on Friday and I must say that I'm very impressed! It was a very informative and a good read. It makes you really think about relationships and what we should be looking for in a mate. Hopefully if I use this as my guide, Mr. Right will come along instead of Mr. Right Now.​

Posted March 12, 2012​​

Just finished reading "Let's Stay Together". First off, the book is a very easy read. Mr. Walder does a good job taking some of the complexities of dating and relationships and making them into a simple, yet practical guide.​

The short exercises at the end of each chapter really allow the reader to apply the information previously read. This book definitely challenges the reader to evaluate their current dating style while providing great guidance on ways to make subtle changes that will ideally help in finding and keeping your life long mate.​

Definitely a great guide and I would definitely recommend it.​

Posted February 19, 2012​​

Highly Recommended​

This book is definitely a must read for singles as well as those who are already in a relationship. A lot of times we find ourselves settling in a relationship just because he/she looks good and they may not even have any morals or STANDARDs in life.​

I was so moved by this book that I finished it in ONE night. No, Mr. Walder was not telling anyone how to have a relationship in any chapter, it was simply a guide on how we view OUR NEEDs vs OUR WANTs before we become a settler in a relationship. I really enjoyed Chapter 2: Standards vs Deal Breakers!!​

Posted February 7, 2012​​

Intellectually Satisfied...​

I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Mr. Walder and an even greater pleasure reading this book. I have to be honest and say I am typically sceptical of reading material on these subjects as I find them generally one sided and biased.​

To my overwhelming surprise, this was not the case and I'm thankful of the opportunity to have been enlightened and positively impacted by its' contents. Although not concerned with whether a book is easy to read but more its' message, both, were brilliantly displayed. Articulating from a "real-person" perspective kept me engaged and eager to turn the page.​

Spoken with the foundation of truth and guidance as outlined by our Father, this book is a wonderful experience and begs you to look within before seeking satisfaction elsewhere. Understanding what and who you are as well as what and who is needed versus wanted is in my opinion one of the better lessons to have shared, as is here.​

As it relates to me and my reading experience, I found this book emotionally and intellectually satisfying the most between Chapters 3 and 4. Here is where I found it most profound and moving that Mr. Walder was able to capture my basic needs/wants as a successful woman from both the female perspective as well as male.​

It showed me that as I continue to grow and develop until I am blessed with my own life-partner, that someone understands (as I do) and shared with the world. The SIMPLE things I as well as most women look for in a mate. And conversely, the very basic needs/wants of a man deserving of the love that lasts a lifetime.​

Very happy to have had the pleasure!!​
Gift it...​

Posted February 2, 2012​​

Great read! You must check it out!​

The author does a phenomenal job of keeping it simple and providing a well written guide to finding and keeping a mate! I really enjoyed the insight he gave on what a good man wants and what we as women want.​

It was refreshing to read a book on relationships written by a man who truly gets it! The exercises and examples in the book really get you thinking about what is most important to you and what you should desiree in a spouse.​

I highly recommend this book to everyone no matter what your relationship status! Singles need to read this book to get a better understanding of what to look for in a mate and what characteristics a mate wants to see in them.​

Married couples should read this book to help remind them of what it took to attract their spouse; because we can all use a little reminder every now and then; and a few simple things to help maintain a healthy marriage.​

Posted January 30, 2012​​


I just finished reading Let's Stay Together.... WOW! I must say that this is the most insightful and relevant book that I have ever read! It definitely speaks VOLUMES for love and relationships of today.​

We know that the traditional norms have changed and this book gives you a crash course on how to except and usher in that change. It openly addresses what we need to do to attract lasting relationships and what we need to do to keep them.​

The book breaks things down in layman's terms; therefore IT IS AN EASY READ! I was so intrigued by this book; I read it in just a few hours. I literally could not put this book down. Not to mention, it gives you exercises to complete in order to identify what you are looking for in a mate.​

This book is NOW my official manual for love and relationships, a quick reference to make sure you are on the right path to finding the one for YOU!​

Do yourself a favor and purchase this book, whether SINGLE or MARRIED!!!​

Ladies this is one to talk about at your book club meeting or during a girl's night in!​

Just get it!!!​

Posted January 28, 2012​​

Highly Recommended!!​

You will not think the same after reading! Mr. Walder has unquestionably opened his mind, heart, and soul to the reader in subtle, yet eye-opening ways, wherein the reader will definitely gain insightful information about oneself regarding relationships and how they personally view or may need to view them.​

He is candid, sincere and intricately thoughtful about his personal experiences which have been meticulously combined to help identify the key elements that help make lasting and great relationships in today’s ever-changing society.​

I read tirelessly eager and yearning to see what the next page of text had to bring! Before I knew it I was done. I was left asking myself and reevaluating what I thought I knew.​

I must say that I had to introspect myself after reading the book!!! I must also admit that after I put the book down, my hope was that the “one I would come to share this life with” would share Mr. Walder’s contemplations.​

This self-help book is definitely a must read for WOMEN who are ready and who question what they may or may not be missing when it comes to dating or sustaining a FULFILLING relationship !!!​

Mr. Walder, thanks for letting us in as readers and sharing the perspective of a great man! I believe his purpose in helping people create and sustain meaningful and long lasting relationships has been accomplished.​

Definitely reread the Wants vs. Needs chapter!​

5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Read!!!,​
March 3, 2012​
By Toya G - Amazon Verified​​

This review is from: Let's Stay Together: Dating Made Simple for the New Millennium (Paperback)​

This is an awesome must-read book!!!1 Magnificent!!!! From every chapter, I could take something!!!! So many points of importance! For ex., working just as hard at home as you work on your job!!! Love it! It makes soooo much sense....​

The mentality of some women these days totally baffles me ! Marco, I love the book! I foresee the book being gifts to a few of my girls! And one thing I love the most is that you simplify things...​

From you explaining Needs vs Wants to loving someone vs being in love!!!! The to-do task really made me evaluate self a little deeper as well!!! Absolutely wonderful!​

A. Weaver​
Posted September 16, 2012

I'm going to keep this short & sweet.Buy it…Read it…Apply it!

J. Mays​
Posted August 22, 2012



LST is a clearly, articulate dating guidebook that compel's one to do their "homework" prior to embarking on what "should" be a lifelong committment.  Sacred as well as secular audiences could both benefit from Walder's task assignments. Walder's debonair way of being candid was acceptable because it challenges one to look within. Although there was a chapter that "tickled my feathers" because of my religious background, I'm still a LST supporter due to the simple fact that so many Christian marriages are failing today.  It was an easy read and should be shared in youth groups, single ministries, pre-marital couseling, etc. 

D. McGrew​
Posted August 17, 2012

I have just finished reading "LST" and I must say it was an easy read. I love the chapter on, "Do Opposites Really Attract". I am in the process of completeing the tasks that are in every chapter.  I have always focused on what i needed in a man instead of what I wanted and Mr. Walder is absolutely correct. I should go after what I want because once that need was fulfilled I no longer wanted to talk to them. I must say overall the book is GREAT!!

A. Hayes​
Posted July 31, 2012

I read “LST” about a month ago and I can say that it serves as a manual as well as an excellent read.   I really appreciate the fact that it is an easy read and it definitely kept me intrigued. I felt as if I was having a conversation with the author as I was reading the book.

Not only does the book give you insight on dating and relationships, it is thought provoking and gives you an opportunity to complete tasks that will keep you engaged and doing some soul searching!

And I have to say I had an Aha! Moment (as Oprah says).  For me it was by REALLY knowing what you WANT and determining in the beginning if the other person wants the same thing.  This will save a lot of precious time and energy!

All chapters were informative and if I had to pick the most informative for me, it would have to be Chapter 1 ~ Needs Vs. Wants;  Chapter 3 ~ Three Things A Woman Wants; Chapter 4 ~ Three Things a Man Wants; Chapter 9 ~ In Love vs. Love

Overall, I really enjoyed the book and I have already found myself  referring to the book as one of my girlfriends shared with me a relationship matter ~ so if something resonates with you in only a month, it is something good!

I highly recommend “Let’s Stay Together” and am pretty sure that you will find something helpful to you!  Great job Marco Walder!

A. Nicole​
Posted July 29, 2012​​

I have three main observations of "LST": First, I love how the author didn't overstate anything and moved straight to the point yet explained everything and made it simple with examples included. Second, I liked how the author used challenges at the end of each chapter. It allows you to really apply each task to your own situation. Third, I liked that the book was just long enough, yet it leaves you wanting more insight from the author. I personally compared it to reading my bible. When reading your bible you don't rush through it and you may even get stuck on one particular verse as you need to meditate and reflect. I feel this book is the same way. You can't or you shouldn't rush through it because if you do you will miss what you may really need to focus on.​

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